Thursday, 30 January 2014

Cord Cutting Exercise for Solar Plexus Chakra

Energy Cord Cutting Exercise

This exercise is perfect for times when you are
feeling energetically drained by a person or

  • Think of a person that you wish to let go of or cut off from or forgive. It might be someone who is presently in your life, regularly or not so frequent. They might be near to you or far away. Or it might be someone from your past.  Visualise the person standing in front of you. Think of your reasons for letting this person or issue to leave your life. It may be because the person or situation harms your well-being or causes you to feel negative emotions.. or simply because it is time to let go of the situation once and for all. Let yourself feel all the emotions attached to the situation and the person.
  •  Now bring your attention to your Solar Plexus, your stomach area… visualise a fine silvery energy cord that reaches from your solar plexus to their solar plexus, this silver cord that creates the link, the attachment to each other. See it radiate and pulsate as it feeds the energy connection.  Every time you even think about this person or be in contact with this person, the link between you is being strengthened.
  • Now imagine that you have a big pair of golden scissors in your hands… visualise yourself cutting through this energy cord with the scissors. If it does not cut through the first time, do it again with emotional strength behind it. Detaching yourself from this person.  Dissolving the connection.
  • You are now completely detached. Now surround the person with healing green light, wish them well, bless them with love and forgiveness for their journey and watch them turn around and move off on their path.
  • Feel the release around your solar plexus. Pull any remaining energy back into your solar plexus..  just by simply telling yourself “I bring all my energy back to me”. Now cover and seal your solar plexus chakra with thick yellow light. You are safe and protected. You hold your own power with love.

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